The Newsstand for April 26-May 9, 2018
Read all about it! Baseball stadiums around the country are serving so many fancy snacks there's a food festival to celebrate it all. Meanwhile, one firm is opening a range of beer-themed concessions at airports. It's grim in Grimsby, England, and getting grimmer. Virginia Beach gets its grand dame hotel back. Hotel key cards are hackable. And more.

Beer, Food, Ballparks and Airports
If you've been to a baseball park lately, you'll notice that peanuts and Cracker Jack aren't all you can consume. In fact, there is now a moveable feast of cuisine available--and even a food festival celebrating ballpark cuisine. And what of beer? Craft brews and higher quality beer are available at an increasing number of parks. But if you want good beer, maybe you're better off at the airport. HMSHost, the airport food-service giant, continues to open a spread of beer-related kiosks and shops around the nation. At Grand Rapids Airport (GRR), HMS opened a Leinie Lodge earlier this month. It features Leinenkugel's range of German-style beers and there's already a "Lodge" at Milwaukee Airport. And in Nashville, HMS' Yazoo Brewing Company has moved to larger quarters on Concourse C. Yazoo's old Nashville position is being taken by Fat Bottom Brewing, another HMS collaboration with a craft brewer. In fact, HMS operates more than four dozen beer operations around the nation. That includes Cigar City Brewing at Tampa International; the Shipyard Brew Pub in Portland (Maine); and Land-Grant Brewing in Columbus, Ohio. Coming soon: Olde Mecklenburg Brewery at Charlotte's Douglas airport.

It's Grim in Grimsby and Getting Grimmer Since Brexit Vote
I'll bet you think you've never heard of Grimsby, the hardscrabble Lincolnshire city on the North Sea in the far north of England. But you have. Remember the Elton John hit Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting? The song's writer, Bernie Taupin, was born in Lincolnshire and penned the lyrics about his days in Grimsby. And then there's the Elton John tune named Grimsby. Taupin wrote that eponymous song about his old stomping grounds, too. Long famed as an English fishing center, Grimsby has fallen on hard times in recent decades. Sasha Baron Cohen, best-known here for his Borat character but famed throughout Britain as a boorish lout named Ali G., has lampooned the city. And Grimsby regularly shows up on lists of the worst places to live in England. So it won't surprise you that Grimsby voted overwhelmingly (about 70-30) for Brexit in 2016 and blames the European Community for all its woes. But guess what? As The New York Times explains, Grimbsy now wants exceptions from the customs duties and other hardships that will befall the town when Brexit actually occurs. And you also won't be surprised to learn that few young people in Grimsby want to be a part of the city's shriveled fishing industry. "You can't get young people to fish these days," one ship captain says. They all ask "Do you have WiFi on the boat? Do you have the Internet?"

After Years of Work, Virginia Beach Gets Its Grand Dame Back
Hotels these days tend to be disposable things. They are built fast and somewhat cheaply, someone slaps a chain affiliation on them and brands can come and go with the time and tides. Not so The Cavalier Hotel, Virginia Beach's 90-year-old grand dame. It reopened last month after a years-long renovation and attracted plenty of coverage from the lodging trade press, from business publications and Virginia media. Virginia Business magazine notes that the renovation cost $81 million and happened instead of a tear down to make room for 3,200 housing units. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports The Cavalier's top-to-bottom renovation added an on-premises distillery. And the Virginian-Pilot drilled down on numbers: The hotel opened in 1927 with about 200 rooms but has been reconfigured with 85 rooms and 23 suites. Each of the owners and developers of the property also helped design one of the hotel's suites. Still, The Cavalier isn't going it alone. It has lined up with The Autograph Collection, Marriott's fast-growing soft brand of independents.

Tight Connections ...
      Politics and Prerogative The third version of the Trump Travel Ban--fka the Muslim Ban--had its day in the Supreme Court. Politico reports the Supremes seem split on the ban and its history. At issue: Should Trump's inflammatory campaign rhetoric influence executive-branch prerogatives such as immigration policy?
      Hotel Card Games The idea that plastic hotel key cards could be risky has long been consigned to urban myth. But Reuters reports that Finnish researchers have proven key cards can be hacked. Even invalid ones can be refashioned into master keys to give bad actors access to a hotel's entire room inventory.
      Not Gonna Happen This probably will not shock you: The TSA almost never reimburses travelers when it damages luggage. The agency isn't big on admitting to theft or reimbursing for stolen items, either.
      Could You Be Wearing Any More Clothes? Remember when British Airways in January denied boarding to a man for wearing nearly a dozen layers of clothes to avoid bag fees? The Wall Street Journal writes about--and demonstrates--the tactic of loading up everywhere but in your luggage. It seems to me that this issue was covered more clearly decades ago on Friends when Joey wore all of Chandler's clothes as revenge for an underwear-related incident. -- Joe Brancatelli

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